About Executive Quarter

We founded EQ with the simple promise of doing things differently. We are guided by our key principles, delivering exceptional outcomes for our executives and the organisations working with them.

We are unapologetically curious about the art and science of human possibility. Our approach is driven by our natural curiosity and unrivalled experience yet informed by science to realise human possibility.

We create heightened connection.  We are constantly delving into the mechanisms of how connection brings meaning and purpose to lives and careers, including our own. This underpins our work in executive search, advisory and coaching.  Finding and aligning purpose is what defines EQ.

We are truly invested. Through a combined offering of evidence-based recruitment strategies, results-focused advisory services and bespoke coaching, we are truly invested in understanding and collaborating with our clients and candidates.

We are the home of infinite executive growth. The world of work, and the requirements of those who guide and lead, is an ever-evolving ecosystem. We have created a community, known as The Growth Quarter (GQ), to provide resources; practical and purpose-led experiences; and coaching to tap into the unique drivers which allow us to create careers and lives with meaning.

We help achieve meaningful impact.  The service you receive from our team will be tailored for your needs and your circumstances.  Delivered by an experienced partner and supported by our capable team, we help align and balance ‘needs and goals’ with experience, strengths and passions to achieve meaningful impact that actually matters.

Our History

With a collective history of more than 100 years’ experience, our team brings a unique perspective to the challenges and opportunities in attracting and retaining high performing executives and the organisations who work with them.

We established EQ in 2022 as the executive search division of our parent company Talent Quarter (TQ). TQ recognised a need to provide the full suite of search, advisory and coaching services at the executive level and those who need their expertise, skills and talents.

Together, EQ and TQ are founded on our shared purpose of creating connections that make a real difference in improving the lives of others.
We specialise in search, advisory and coaching services, working solely at the Executive and Board level. By specialising in specific industries and sectors, we can provide expert advice and services to executives and organisations.

We are deeply invested in achieving the best outcomes for clients and candidates. Through a combined offering of evidence-informed recruitment and assessment strategies, tools and methodologies; results-focused advisory services; and bespoke coaching, we strive to enrich the connection, relationship and performance of our clients and candidates.

Our Team

We guide clients and executives on career and organisational achievement, helping you uncover your purpose in the world of work. Forensically delving into the mechanisms of how connection brings meaning and purpose to lives and careers, including our own, is what drives us and underpins our executive search, advisory and coaching philosophy.

Diversity and Inclusion

At EQ, respect and inclusion are essential to how we work with our clients, candidates and each other.

We celebrate diversity in the communities in which we live and work. We know at the juncture of diversity and inclusion lies a rich resource of talent and humanity – people with the passion and motivation to make things better.

When we have diversity of background, experience and thought, we create an inclusive environment in which all voices are heard and valued, amplifying the impact we have in our organisation and community.

First Nations People

At EQ we acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land on which we work and live. We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging. We celebrate the stories, culture and traditions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders of all communities who also work and live on this land.

Our commitment to Indigenous communities goes beyond acknowledgment. Our recruitment practices value the knowledge, perspective and unique insights offered by First Nations people. Our work in public health supports the specific health and social care needs of Indigenous communities in urban and remote locations. We understand the importance of cultural sensitivity and our moral obligation in making a positive impact.

Possibilities inspired by purpose

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