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We guide our clients and executives on career and organisational achievement, helping uncover purpose in the world of work. Forensically delving into the mechanisms of how connection brings meaning and purpose to lives and careers, including our own, is what drives us and underpins our executive search, advisory and coaching philosophy.

We help organsations and individuals find their purpose and achieve strategic goals, and are trusted experts to seamlessly connect the right organisations and candidates. Our team’s experience, intellect and curious minds inspire our relationship-led approach that gets results.

We consult within our unique areas of specialty, finding those with the experience, skills, passion and motivation to deliver the best solutions to our clients. We are co-creators, and collaborators, who discover, coach and deliver on our promise to provide the right fit for our valued partners. Most of all, we are innately curious about the art and science of human possibility and how this can enhance organisational success.

Our approach is driven by our natural inquisitiveness and unrivalled experience yet informed by science to realise human possibility. Through our diverse capabilities we deliver a unique proposition to employers and candidates, driven by connection and purpose.

Our commitment: Our team is truly invested in understanding and collaborating with our clients and candidates. This ensures the service you receive is tailored for your needs and your circumstances. Each team member is passionate about connecting, guiding and coaching clients and candidates to help employees and organisations reach their full potential and purpose.

We’re committed to creating possibilities inspired by purpose, underpinned by our core values. We are:

  • Unapologetically curious. We believe staying curious, exploring possibilities and continuous growth leads to exceptional outcomes.
  • Creators of heightened connection. Our default setting is to meaningfully connect across all our valued partners, ensuring the right fit for shared success.
  • Truly invested. We are collaborators at heart, committed to understanding and working with our clients and candidates to achieve the best results. Their success is our success.
  • The home of endless growth. Our service reaches beyond placement – we continue to inspire, with our community, ‘The Growth Quarter’ offering connection and experience-led, practical advice.
  • Achieving a meaningful impact. Our tailored service delivers solutions that align with all stakeholders’ needs and wants, ensuring the right fit.

Will Wilson

Managing Partner

Kate Healy-Smith

Chief Operating Officer

David Reynolds

Senior Partner

Nicola Palm


Elena Ryan


Megan Tunmer

Leader | Finance

Carolyn Dickins

Head of Learning & Development

James Francis

Leader | Compliance & Governance

Executive Quarter is an executive search, advisory and coaching firm founded on a simple promise of doing things differently and with purpose.

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