About Central West Hospital and Health Service (HHS)

The voice of our community and staff is at the heart of how Central West HHS shapes the future of healthcare across Central West Queensland.

Central West HHS is a resourceful and dedicated leader in provision of quality, far-reaching healthcare. Our high standard of accessible healthcare spans a vast geographical area of Western Queensland. Reaching from Tambo in the south east to Boulia in the north west, our healthcare hubs based in Longreach, Barcaldine, Blackall and Winton service communities as widespread as they are diverse.

The Central West HHS Health Service Plan 2021-2025 (the Plan) informs a clear pathway for the delivery of value-based, safe and high-quality healthcare services to the people in our communities over the next five-year period. The Plan recognises the challenges in attracting a skilled and locally appropriate workforce, ageing infrastructure and the financial impacts of rural and remote service delivery. Innovative and responsive utilisation of technology and a flexible approach to workforce models will support the work to progress the Plan’s initiatives and actions.

Key to success is the premise of maintaining effective operational and strategic partnerships and alliances with consumers, communities, local government, other health services, state and federal agencies, emergency services and non-government organisations.

Central West HHS has an operating budget of $104.3 million for 2023-24 which is an increase of $10.73 million on the previous period.

To deliver our vision to be leading providers of far reaching healthcare the Central West HHS 2021-2025 Strategic Plan details priorities across three key areas – people, services, systems. These priorities recognise the strength and expertise of our staff in remote service delivery and support us to continue to build on our relationships with communities and other service providers to provide safe, quality care as close to home as possible.

Required skills, knowledge and experience

The Central West Hospital and Health Board considers skills and expertise in the areas listed below as highly desirable expertise for a member:

  • Chartered Accountant/CPA
  • Rural and Remote health

Other skills, knowledge or experience that may be required as set out in the legislation include (but are not limited to):

  • Expertise in Business management
  • Expertise in Financial management
  • Expertise in Industrial management
  • Expertise in Human Resource management
  • Legal expertise
  • Primary healthcare skills, knowledge and experience
  • Consumer and community health knowledge
  • Academia in HHS operations
  • Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander persons and associated Community Health issues

We strongly encourage First Nations people, women, people with expertise in multiculturalism, young people and people with disabilities to apply.

Board Members are key leaders in their local communities. They fulfil important internal governance obligations in relation to the oversight of HHS operations and will often represent the HHS at meetings, events and community activities. These additional activities may occur outside standard business hours.

The geographical areas of Hospital and Health Services are large and additional time commitment may be required by Board Members to accommodate travel to local communities and facilities. This is particularly the case for HHSs located in regional areas.

The approximate time commitment for these positions is five days per fortnight for Chairs and three days per fortnight for Members.

Further information regarding Central West HHS is available at: www.health.qld.gov.au/centralwest

For more information on how to apply please download the Applicant Information Pack.

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CWHHS acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the land across Queensland, and pays respect to First Nations Elders past, present and future and actively encourages applications from First Nations peoples.

If you require any assistance or adjustments to this application process to enable you to apply for the advertised role, please contact an Executive Quarter team member on 0497 499 749 or email [email protected] for a confidential discussion.